About Us

Washtenaw Eviction & Foreclosure Defense is a group of community activists whose mission is to advocate for renters and homeowners in Washtenaw County in fighting evictions and foreclosures. We direct families to free legal services to prevent eviction and foreclosure. If all legal resources become exhausted, then we defend families via non-violent collective direct action. Our organization is modeled after longstanding foreclosure defense organizations such as Vida Urbana/City Life in Boston, the Take Back the Land network across the U.S., Moratorium Now in Detroit and the foreclosure committee of Occupy Detroit.

Washtenaw Eviction & Foreclosure Defense was founded in January 2012. We hold monthly community meetings where Washtenaw County residents can discuss foreclosure and eviction and work on community strategies to fight foreclosure and eviction.

Contact us at washtenawforeclosures at gmail.com, or (734)-707-1933.